14 March 2023 | Blog Coastal tourism destinations are known for their beauty, but they also face a significant waste problem. Tourism generates a lot of waste, and inadequate waste management infrastructure makes it challenging to manage. This waste can harm wildlife, habitats, and ecosystems and turn away potential tourists. However, efforts are being made […]

7 February 2023 | Blog Our project group visited in HZ University of Applied Sciences at Vlissingen last November. Our program included a visit at the Delta Works which consists of 13 sections. Together they form the largest flood protection system in the world. In a visitor center, on an artificial island called Neeltje Jans,

4 January 2023 | Blog Zeeland, the southwestern coastal region of the Netherlands cannot do without tourists, but the rising number of guests is also accompanied by concerns. Globally, tourism is increasing by five to eight percent per year, according to the World Tourism Organization of the United Nations. The sector needs to adapt to

7 December 2022 | Blog The Dingle Peninsula is an Irish coastal destination that stretches 30 miles (48 kilometres) into the Atlantic Ocean on the southwest coast. The range of mountains stands out in the peninsula, running from the Slieve Mish range to the Conor Pass and Mount Brandon, the second-highest peak in Ireland. The

3 November 2022 | Blog Believe it or not, one of the few Baltic Sea meteorite craters is located in the shadow of a small island Osmussaar in Northern Estonia. It is called the Neugrund crater. This hidden gem induces discussions between different interest groups, including the state, renewable energy companies, scientists, locals, tourism operators,

6 June 2022 | Blog Yyteri beach is six kilometers long and located in Pori, Western Finland. It is the finest beach in the Nordic region. Yyteri area also includes Reposaari, Kallo and Ahlainen and the scenery between them. Yyteri is part of the internationally acknowledged Natura and nature conservation area. The visitor numbers of

20 March 2022 | Blog Restaurant and other food services are essential component of any tourism trip. In Finland, roughly 13 % of tourism demand output was created in food services during 2018-2019 (VisitFinland) and approximately 30 % of restaurants turnover goes in to covering costs of food ingredients. Therefore, one might argue that any

15 February 2022 | Blog Usually this part of the year in considered as the silent season in tourism, except destinations that have relevant resources to develop products and services for winter activities – downhill skiing, cross-country skiing or polar adventures. However, tourism destination management organizations and entrepreneurs are already designing solutions for summer –the

18 January 2022 | Blog In recent years, terms like ‘hygge’ and ‘friluftsliv’ have gained popularity throughout the world. These concepts have been a part of Scandinavian culture for many years. Hygge, which is a Danish concept, is defined as a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of comfort or well-being.

a man standing on the beach in the middle of a snow storm

15 December 2021 | Blog “The success of the Wild Atlantic Way can be replicated on the east coast, particularly when it comes to sustainable tourism. Areas like Carlingford and the wider Cooley Peninsula have the potential to draw in more tourists outside the traditional holiday season through the development of niche attractions and sustainable

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