Coastal and Maritime Tourism Sustainability Management, 5 ECTS credits


The course develops competencies of transdisciplinary sustainable management in coastal and maritime tourism organisations. It focuses on sustainability matters in the context of blue economy and provides learners knowledge on how to manage and improve the organisation's environmental, social, and economic impacts. The course also provides skills of sustainability communication targeted at internal and external stakeholders.


By passing the course, learner develops knowledge and expertise to become an expert who works in a tourism or leisure organisation committed to sustainability in coastal and marine areas.


Sustainability Management and Development in Coastal and Maritime Tourism Organisations; UN’s Sustainable Development Goals; Circular Economy within Tourism Organisations; Climate Change and Tourism; Co-operation and Communication for Sustainable Tourism; Sustainability Certificates for Tourism Organisations

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, learner will be able to:
• Identify the UNs sustainable development goals (SDG’s) in tourism destinations and businesses.
• Determine the interconnectivity between tourism and climate change.
• Integrate sustainable development and circular principles within tourism destinations and businesses.
• Monitor and measure sustainable development in tourism destinations and businesses.
• Communicate sustainable practices towards stakeholders, especially to customers.

The course is available in the Moodle platform Skills4CMT until 30.6.2025.

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