Intellectual Output 1:
Occupational Profiles

IO1: Occupational profiles

In the project, occupational profiles  of a resort manager responsible for destination management, a micro-entrepreneur offering blue experiences and a sustainability manager were designed. The profiles include a complete description of the knowledge, skills and competencies to increase understanding of the needed sector-specific skills and qualifications and to tackle skills gaps and mismatches. These occupational profiles are a significant tool in curriculum and course design: they were also translated into a new curriculum and courses in the following phase of the project. 

First, research activities were performed in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, the Netherlands, and Ireland to increase understanding of the needed skills and qualifications in coastal and maritime tourism.  With this information, occupational profiles were designed at country level.  These profiles were merged into joint European level occupation profiles.  

Read more about the needed sector-specific skills and qualifications in coastal and maritime tourism in European cold-water destinations and in each country.

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