Introduction to Coastal and Maritime Tourism, 5 ECTS credits


The course is an informative starter pack of the coastal and maritime tourism sector and its key issues. It provides learner with an understanding of the fundamental issues, concepts, and resources available in coastal and marine tourism.


By passing this course, learner understands the fundamental issues, concepts, and resources in coastal and marine tourism from tourist’s, tourism businesses’, and destination’s point of view.


Introduction to Tourism and Coastal and Marine Tourism; Coastal and Marine Tourism Components and Resources; Responsible and Sustainable use of the Resources; Impacts of Tourism; Blue Tourist Wellbeing; Tourism Marketing; Tourism Entrepreneurship; Responsible and Sustainable Tourism; Tourism Policy and Regulations

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, learner will be able to:
• Define the key practices in coastal and marine tourism.
• Identify the component elements involved in the development of coastal and marine tourism at a destination.
• Interpret the practices of sustainable development within a coastal and marine destination.
• Classify the topical areas of coastal and marine tourism.
• Summarise the elements and impacts of the blue tourism experience in the coastal and marine tourism industry.
• Explain the appropriate regulations and legislation relating to coastal and marine tourism.

The course is available in the Moodle platform Skills4CMT until 30.6.2025.


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