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Become an expert in coastal and maritime tourism!

You can choose from four different international courses, each 5 ECTS credits - take them all or choose the most interesting one!

How to participate?

  • The courses are available in the Moodle platform Skills4CMT until 30.6.2025.
  • All courses are offered online without any scheduled activities i.e., they are studied at own pace.

Registration: Register by using this link to the courses. Create first your username and password. Then you are able to access the courses with them. Just register and start the studies!

Course delivery: The courses are online courses. They are studied at your own pace online. Each course includes online study materials and assignments.

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1. Introduction to Coastal and Maritime Tourism (5 ECTS credits)

The course is an informative starter pack of the coastal and maritime tourism sector and its key issues. It provides learner with an understanding of the fundamental issues, concepts, and resources available in coastal and marine tourism.

2. Coastal and Maritime Tourism Sustainability Management (5 ECTS credits)

The course focuses on sustainability matters in the context of blue economy and provides learners knowledge on how to manage and improve the organisation's environmental, social, and economic impacts. The course also provides skills of sustainability communication targeted at internal and external stakeholders.

3. Coastal and Maritime Destination Design (5 ECTS credits)

The course provides learner with applicable coastal and maritime tourism sector-specific knowledge, skills, and competencies in designing and managing sustainable destinations.

4. Designing Blue Experiences (5 ECTS credits)

The course provides learner with knowledge of tools for designing coastal tourism products, to develop the ability to identify and exploit business opportunities, and to create value by using blue resources in an innovative way.

The following persons will give you more information about the courses:

Introduction to Coastal and Maritime Tourism: Ms. Jaana Ruoho and Ms. Lorraine Dunne

Coastal and Maritime Tourism Sustainability Management: Mr. Ilkka Latomäki

Coastal and Maritime Destination Design: Ms. Margrit Kärp and Mr. Timo Derriks

Designing Blue Experiences: Ms. Ilze Grinfelde


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