Coastal and Maritime Destination Design, 5 ECTS credits


The purpose of the course is to provide learner with applicable coastal and maritime tourism sector-specific knowledge, skills, and competencies in designing and managing sustainable destinations.


By passing the course, learner gets knowledge and practical tools to understand and apply the principles of holistic destination development. Blue destination manager sees the big picture and far horizon simultaneously recognising micro level aspects that could become turning points.


Stakeholder Relations; Co-Creation (Facilitation, Consulting); Tourism Impact on Destination; Destination Design; Criteria, Characteristics, and Challenges of Competitive and Sustainable Destinations; Tourism Trends; Sustainable Destination Development and Its Challenges Process, Impact Factors and Carrying Capacity); Seasonality Management

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, learner will be able to:
• Describe characteristics and challenges of sustainable and competitive coastal and maritime destinations.
• Identify the role of key stakeholders and their interconnectedness in blue destination development.
• Analyse the current situation of a coastal destination for sustainable development
• Create a future vision for sustainable development of a coastal destination.

The course is available in the Moodle platform Skills4CMT until 30.6.2025.

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