Designing Blue Experiences, 5 ECTS credits


The course provides learner with knowledge of tools for designing coastal tourism products, to develop the ability to identify and exploit business opportunities, and to create value by using blue resources in an innovative way. This course also increases skills to find creative sustainable solutions for the development of business in the coastal tourism sector and to apply the principles of design thinking in designing blue experiences.


By passing this course, learner develops creative thinking skills, learns to create sustainable solutions for the development of business in the coastal and marine tourism sector, and to apply principles of service design in designing blue experiences. The course provides knowledge of the principles of collaboration and cocreation and the application of these principles in service design.


Collaboration, Process and Strategies; Stakeholders Mapping Techniques; Coastal and Maritime Resources; Blue Tourist Profile; Product Development Process (incl. market segmenting); Tools for Coastal Tourism Services; Safety in Coastal and Maritime Tourism; Innovative Digital Solutions; Storytelling

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, the learner will be able to:
• Understand the importance of collaboration, identify, and discover key stakeholders of the coastal and marine tourism business.
• Understand the characteristics of blue tourism services (incl. safety, seasonality, resources) and integrate these efficiently in the development and design of innovative coastal and maritime tourism experiences.
• Determine the customer segments relevant to the business and designs the persona for a segment.
• Select proper service design tool for the development tourism products and applies it for the sustainable development of the business.
• Study local traditional or content related stories and to create, modify, integrate and interpret them with other services of the business

The course is available in the Moodle platform Skills4CMT until 30.6.2025.

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