Yyteri – the best and most sustainable beach of Finland?

6 June 2022 | Blog

Yyteri beach is six kilometers long and located in Pori, Western Finland. It is the finest beach in the Nordic region. Yyteri area also includes Reposaari, Kallo and Ahlainen and the scenery between them. Yyteri is part of the internationally acknowledged Natura and nature conservation area.

The visitor numbers of Yyteri have increased remarkably and nowadays over 300 000 visitors visit the area yearly. Most of the visits to Yyteri are during the summer season, but more and more visitors are going to the area during other seasons as well. The peak in the visitors is during July and the weekly visitor amount has been up to 52 000. The increasing visitor numbers are one of the reasons why Yyteri is on the path to more sustainable and responsible tourism.

The land area of Yyteri beach is owned mainly by the City of Pori and the city is committed to developing the area in a sustainable way. The key points in development are the beach, the nature, cleanliness, and safety. Responsible tourism is developed in the area to preserve the authenticity of the beach and keep it clean for the future generations.

“We want to reach a healthy balance between locals, domestic and international tourists, the city of Pori, businesses in the area, and of course the magnificent nature environment” says Tove Vesterbacka, special advisor for Yyteri.

In 2022, Yyteri was awarded the international Blue Flag environmental certificate as the first beach in Finland. Blue Flag programme is celebrating its 35th anniversary with over 5 000 Beaches, Marinas & Tourism Boats in 48 countries. The iconic Blue Flag is one of world’s most recognized voluntary awards for beaches. To qualify for the certificate, a series of stringent environmental, educational, and accessibility criteria must be met and maintained.

Yyteri means different things for different people, but there is one experience that is common to every visitor: in Yyteri, you will discover your true nature (Visityyteri).

Text: Jonna Huuhka and Jaana Ruoho

Photo: Jaana Ruoho




Meritähti, P. 4.5.2022. Yyterille kansainvälinen Blue Flag -ympäristösertifikaatti ensimmäisenä uimarantana Suomessa. yle.fi



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